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CP2011 Checkpoint

The unique and versatile CP2011 and CP2022 avalanche transceiver checkpoint offers greater safety for ski tourers or freeriders, detecting and signalizing the avalanche transceiver in transmit mode when passing or leaving marked slopes, freeride points, mountain stations or at popular entrances to the world of deep snow. Both devices also detect and signalize the proportion of people passing by without an avalanche transceiver, from whom the avalanche transceiver is switched off or the transmit mode is not activated. The CP2011 also makes it possible to register every event, making it an energy-autonomous person counting system. This data can be read out via the USB interface for further evaluation. read out. This provides detailed information, including date and time, about the the frequency of a route or a freeride area.

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Main features:
  • Acoustical and optical indication as soon as there is a
    transmitting beacon within range or when a moving object
    has been detected

  • Battery operated, with an autonomy of > 1 year

  • Compatible with all brands of avalanche beacons
    (compatible with the EN 300718 standard).

  • Events counters

  • LCD display for reading counters and battery status.

  • Can be mounted on a mast or on a wall or integrated into
    an information panel

  • Standard or proprietary front panel desing, may be used
    for advertising

  • PC (Windows) software for configuration and data handling

  • 3-dimensional avalanche beacon receiver, independent
    of the antenna orientation

  • Montion sensors for registering persons who are walking
    by the checkpoint

  • Advanced applications:

  • ferratas

  • Bike Trails

  • Trails


Our Freeride Checkpoint information boards with and without integrated LVS checkpoint are available in different sizes and designs.

Freerid Checkpoint
Versions and prices on request
Freeride and Safety Centers, Freeride Base Laax, Freeride Training, Freeride Workshop

Der Landschaftsdienst des Landes Tirol setzt die LVS-Checkpoints seit Jahren in beliebten Skitourengebieten zur Steigerung der Sicherhe... weiterlesen



Dieter Stöhr, Amt der Tiroler Landesregierung

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