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ATC Avalanche Training Center - Equipment

ATC Information board


Model with aluminium frame

Dimensions: 630 x 750 mm

  • Material: Alu 2mm

  • Model with aluminium frame: For freestanding 1 pole mounting

  • Digital printing: UV and weather resistant

  • Montage: incl. tube brackets for 1 pole mounting

  • max. 3 language (DE, EN, FR, IT)

  • incl. logo placement and adapting of the local information

  • Layout can be customized


Search Strategy Board


In cooperation with experts from the Mountain Rescue Switzerland and Tyrol, mountain guides and the SLF, we have developed the new information board "Search Strategy Board". 
Our focus was to explain the search strategy with a LVS in the simplest possible way in the case of a single burial as well as a multiple burial step by step.

You will also find further information on the board such as
Avalanche accident:
Behaviour of the persons recorded - Behaviour of the persons not recorded
First aid
emergency equipment
LVS Interferences

The Infoboard is available in four languages (DE, EN, FR, IT).
Customer-specific adjustments to the emergency number and logo placement are included in the price.

ATC Mash Banner


Weather-resistant and wind-permeable 300g / m² mesh fabric (fire protection class B1)
Rounded and sewn at a distance of 50 cm (12 eyelets)

Dimensions: 215 x 73 cm

incl. logo placement


Wegweiser, ATC, Avalance Training Center, LVS Suchfeld, LVS Trainingsfeld,
ATC signpost

Material: Alu-Dibond
Dimensions: 450 x 150 x 4 mm


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