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ATC Avalanche Training Center

The ATC Avalanche Training Center is a stationary system for training transceiver and probe search.


The system has been proven for a long time and has been overhauled completely in the year 2015. Some innovative solutions provided decisive advantages to the users and to the operators.


The system can simulate from five to sixteen transceivers. The transmitters that are buried in the search area emit signals that are exactly equal to the signals from real avalanche transceivers.

 At the control unit, the remotely controlled transmitters can be selected at random (standard mode) or individually (expert mode). This allows for training simple as well as complex (multiple burials) burial situations.


The transmitters will provide automatic feedback upon a probe hit. A probe hit on the probing surface of a transmitter is indicated at the control unit and signaled acoustically. The search times for every transmitter are also indicated.


The control unit also incorporates a counter for the number of exercises that can be read out at any time.

 The entire system is equipped with standard batteries for autonomous operation throughout a winter season. No mains supply required.


In order to save precious energy, the system automatically enters a sleep mode when not used for some time. There is no need to turn the system off manually.

Main features:
  • Up to sixteen remotely controlled transmitters

  • Random or individual transmitter selection

  • Single or multiple burial search scenarios

  • Automatic probe hit indication

  • Configurable transmit patterns

  • Elastic probe hit surface for realistic probing

  • Search time indication

  • Number of exercises readout at any time

  • Battery lifetime for an entire winter season

  • Information board with transceiver search phases and short instructions

  • Easy operation

  • Professional and robust construction

  • Compatible with all brands of transceivers (EN 300718)

  • Meets all European and national regulations

  • Developed and made in Switzerland

History ATC Avalanche Training Center
LVS Suchstrategie Tafel, Avalanche Training Center, Search Strategy Board, Avalanche Workshop, LVS Workshop
Search Strategie Board
Search Strategy Board


In cooperation with experts from the Mountain Rescue Switzerland and Tyrol, mountain guides and the SLF, we have developed the new information board "Search Strategy Board". 
Our focus was to explain the search strategy with a LVS in the simplest possible way in the case of a single burial as well as a multiple burial step by step.

You will also find further information on the board such as

- Avalanche accident:
  Behaviour of the persons recorded - Behaviour of the
  persons not recorded
- Alert
- First aid

- Emergency Equipment
- Avalanche Transceiver Interferences

The Infoboard is available in four languages (DE, EN, FR, IT).
Customer-specific adjustments to the emergency number and logo placement are included in the price.

Versions and prices on request
ATC Location
LVSSuchfeld in Bad Gastein Österreich, Bergbahnen Bad Gastein, Salzburgerland, Pistenrettungsdienst
ATC Accessories
DVA Park France, ATC la Rosiere, DVA

Das ATC ist seit dem Winter 15/16 mit 10 Sendern bei uns im Skigebiet von Laax in Betrieb und öffentlich zugänglich. Auf der Hochebene Plaun haben wir einen... weiterlesen



Corsin Clopath- Rettungschef LAAX

Datasheet - download

The data sheets below are available for easy download:


:: Datenblatt DE

:: Datasheet EN

:: Fiche technique FR

:: Scheda dati​ IT


ATC user manual

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