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Warranty, Service and Support for Girsberger Products

All Girsberger products are covered by a 2 years warranty. The warranty period starts with the date of purchase as noted on the seller's invoice.

The warranty excludes damage caused by accident, normal use, wear or improper handling. We reserve the right to repair a device or to exchange it. Repair or replacement do not extend the warranty period.

If you do need support, or in case of a product deficiency, you may contact us at any time. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.  

For repairs please contact us beforehand!

Phone: +41 (0)52 301 35 35 or per eMail:

Service Avalanche Beacon  - Barryvox, Pieps und Mammut

INFO -> The service for the Barryvox VS68, VS2000 and OPTO3000 has been stopped!


Services and Conditions

Our customer service offers competent and fast repair for all Barryvox and Pieps models as well as competent counseling for all questions about transceivers and accessories.

For some other brand transceivers, we can provide testing, but no repair service. Please contact us in advance.

Leistungen und Konditionen
On every device, we run a complete functional test as per the technical specifications. Devices that can be updated are updated to the most recent version of the firmware during the functional test. For possible repairs, we will provide you with a cost estimate or, if the device cannot be repaired, we will offer you a replacement.


Functional test (including firmware update)                 CHF 42.--

Returning device that cannot be repaired                     CHF 50.--

Disposing properly of a device without replacement  free

Shipping                                                                               CHF 12.--

Spare parts:  Due to product liability reasons we are not allowed to ship spare parts.
All prices include VAT. Payment against invoice, 30 days net.

Repair Procedure

Please send your transceiver without carrying straps and batteries to the following address:


Girsberger Elektronik AG

Mountain Rescue Technology


Oberdorfstrasse 7

8416 Flaach

Do not forget to include your address, phone number and email and a statement about the service requested or a problem description. We guarantee service within 10 working days after receiving your device for all normal cases.



We recommend that you send in your device about every 3 years for a complete checkup. In order to make sure that your device may save your life and to prevent any damage, you should remove the batteries for every extended period of no use.

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