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CP2011 Checkpoint

The new, unique and versatile beacon checkpoint CP2022 provides more safety for backcountry skier
or freeriders. It detects, signals the beacon when passing by or when leaving marked trails, freeride points or at other entry points to the world of deep snow. Another purpose is to improve the awareness
for complete and reliable rescue equipment. Avalanches come in surprise, controlled manipulations are thus not possible any more. The CP2011 ascertains that every avalanche transceiver is in transmit mode. 

For the operation of the CP2022, a combination with an information panel is provided, this can be 

mounted on a post, on a wall or on an existing structure.

The information panel is required due to necessary information about the behavior when passing the checkpoint, in addition, it has an area which is intended for the placement of logos, for example, of the operator or sponsors, etc.

Main features:
  • 3-dimensional avalanche beacon receiver, independent of the ante

  • Dimensions: 191 x 125 x 60 mm

  • Optical display as soon as a transmitting transceiver is in the reception area

  • Optical indication when a person is detected for whom the transceiver is not switched on or is 

  • is not in transmitting mode or is not functioning properly 

  • Battery operated, with an autonomy of > 1 year

  • Compatible with all brands of avalanche beacons (compatible wit the EN 300718 standard) 

  • Battery status indicator  

  • Operation only in combination with an information panel (information behavior)

  • Option information panel customizable or own design possible

  • Developed and made in Switzerland 

    Data sheet  DE     EN

Datasheet DE
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Der Landschaftsdienst des Landes Tirol setzt die LVS-Checkpoints seit Jahren in beliebten Skitourengebieten zur Steigerung der Sicherhe... weiterlesen



Dieter Stöhr, Amt der Tiroler Landesregierung

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