RTX457 Mobile Avalanche
Beacon Training System

The RTX457 transceiver training system is a mobile system for training transceiver and probe search.

It is best suited for trainings as well as for transceiver tests or winter sport events.

The system has been proven for a long time and has been overhauled completely in the year 2015. Some innovative solutions provide ease of use and instant readiness.

The system can be used with four to six transmitters. The transmitters emit exactly the same signals as do standard avalanche transceivers.

The remote control allows for turning individual transmitters on and off and for setting their transmit pattern. In addition to the standard mode, there is an expert mode. Modes can be alternated at any time.

For standard mode, all transmitters are set up with a pattern that provides a short (70 to 120 ms) pulse duration. This corresponds to most of the devices that are currently on the market.

For expert mode, all transmitters are set up with a pattern that provides a long (240 to 320 ms) pulse duration. This corresponds to older devices. This allows for simulating simple and complex burial scenarios, including multiple burials.

Probe hits on the buried transmitters will be indicated on the remote control.

Main features:

  • Individual transmitter activation and configuration

  • Automatic probe hit indication

  • Probing surface combined with transmitter case

  • Elastic probing surface for realistic probing

  • Simulates transmit patterns of all current transceivers

  • Simulates transmit patterns of first generation transceivers

  • Constant transmitter strength over battery lifetime

  • Reducible transmitter field strength

  • Using off-the-shelf Alkaline batteries

  • Long standby and use hours

  • Compatible with all brands of transceivers (EN 300718)

  • Meets all European and national regulations

  • Professional and robust construction

  • Four, five or six remotely controlled transmitters

  • Easy operation, immediately ready for use

  • Developed and made in Switzerland

RTX457 User Manual
RTX457 Datasheet

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