DAS000 Drone Antenna System 457kHz

This product is no longer manufactured and is no longer availble!

The DAS000 enables a very fast search by drone or UAV of persons who have become buried in an avalanche, given that the persons are equipped with a transceiver that operates on the standard frequency of 457 kHz.
The system consists of an antenna and a receiver. The antenna is attached under the drone with a distance which has to be determined. This avoids any exposure to electromagnetic interference from the drone. The receiver is mounted in the drone and connected by cable connection to the antenna and to the control of the drone.
The received avalanche beacon signal is converted in the receiver into an LF signal. The signal strength is increased as approaching to the victim or decreases with increasing distance. This NF signal is used to control the nine levels of the receiver sensitivity and to control the drone. The system exhibits the same range (approximately 40 m) in all directions, it cannot provide any information about the direction of the magnetic field lines.
For the operation of the receiver is an interface for power supply and for the control of the receiving sensitivity available. A separate and clean power supply is an essential requirement. The software for the control of the receiver and the drone is not part of this system.


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